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Major Topics:

00:04:56 Google AI Sentient
00:08:11 Checking on the Markets
00:09:40 NYC to PBI
00:12:42 Hotel prices and cruise ships
00:19:25 Short Term Portfolio
00:21:54 Indices Charts
00:22:40 S&P 500
00:31:52 US money supply
00:46:40 State and World Debt Clocks
00:58:24 FOMC Statement
01:03:32 SQQQ
01:06:52 Market News
01:14:13 AMZN
01:15:36 SQQQ Trade Tips
01:19:58 May Portfolio Review
01:21:47 Long Term Portfolio
01:24:43 CAKE
01:32:50 MOre on Portfolio Review
01:54:49 Indices and Bonds Charts

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