Before I get into taxes, I want to apologize to Roy Moore.  

He's been accused of being a sexual predator just because, when he was in his mid-30s,he had sex with girls that were as young as 14and maybe he was a little gropey and maybe,after forcing a 16 year-old girls' head into his lap, he shouldn't have said ""You're just a child, I'm the district attorney; if you tell anyone about this no one will ever believe you."[23][24]", but this is a very different culture (Alabama) than the one we're used to – so who are we to judge who the people of Alabama want representing them in Washington?  After all, when Donald Trump was 35, his wife was 11

Roy Moore, if he is elected, certainly won't be the most evil, loathsome figure in the Death Star that is the US Senate.  There are people there who, as we speak, are plotting the deaths of thousands children by starvation, heat, cold or a slow death from many childhood diseases.  Some of them don't even want to vaccinate our children – potenially unleashing new epidemics on our nation – the first of many plagues we are likely to endure under the Golden Pharoh.  

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9 MILLION low-income children will lose their health care on December 31st.  This is not Obamacare, these are children we, as a country, decided did not deserve to suffer just because their parents committed the mortal sin of being poor.  Not that the GOP has forgotten about the parents.  In order to pay for $338Bn of the tax cuts they are giving to the Top 1%, they are repealing the Obamcare Mandate Provision that will cut 13M people off health care.  That's over 10 years so $33.8Bn a year means they have to take $2,600 away from each poor person they put at risk.  Keep that in mind – that's what your life is worth to a Republican.  Even less according to Brookings, who see 32M people losing health care under these provisions!    

Those are, of course, the FEDERAL savings and all they do is kick the costs down to the state level where a report by the heath-care consulting firm Avalere, shows the cuts would reduce Medicaid Funds to states by $713Bn over the next 10 years, where they will have to raise your taxes to pay for it and, guess what – state taxes are no longer deductible from your income so you'll end up getting totally screwed by this plan on many levels – especially if you have a parent who gets sick and isn't rich enough to pay for treatment.

And guess which states suffer the most under the GOP tax plan?  Come on – guess:

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Isn't that amazing?  It's almost like it was perfectly targeted to punish states that didn't vote for Trump.  And, if you think this doesn't affect you because you are rich, then you are a rich idiot.  First of all, when people turned 65 they didn't need ANY health insurance anymore because they were eligible for Medicare and Medicare was great.  If you like your private insurance for $30,000 a year for you and your wife, that's great and God Bless you that you can afford that and how great is it to pay less taxes because we're willing to murder children and the elderly, right?

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But are you really saving enough taxes now to make up for the $30,000 a year you pay for 20 more years after you turn 65?  That's $600,000 of your retirement money you'll need for health care that NO ONE NEEDED until now.  Oops, I forgot to adjust it for inflation.  If we assume the cost goes up 10% a year and you are 20 years away from retirement, that will be about $112,000 a year in 2037 and, by 2057 (if you live that long), 20 more years of 10% increases would be about $500,000 PER YEAR for your health insurance.  The Trumps can certainly afford $500/yr for health insurance but is that part of your retirement plan?  

And, don't forget, the only reason private insurance remains "reasonable" is BECAUSE there is a low-cost alternative for seniors.  Take that alternative away and private costs can run wild – especially when you dismantle the Government agencies that are meant to regulate them.  Fixing the health care system should be our legistlators' top priority.  This is something that will significantly impact every man, woman and child in this country and, with an aging population – it's likely to get much worse, not better if we don't act now.  Well, we did act – Obmacare was the first step but that step is being torn apart and replaced with $500,000/yr health insurance.

Of course, if I'm rich enough to afford $500,000/yr health insurance and you are not, I gain a tremendous economic advantage over you, don't I?  You may be smarter than me, you may be harder working than me but, because my Daddy left me more money than your Daddy – it only takes one little medical issue for you or your family to derail your entire life.  That's less competition for me – a legislated nobility under the disguise of Capitalism.  

It would also be nice for me and my children if you and your children were less educated.  Certainly we can afford better schools than you can but what if you get a scholarship?  Then you might compete with my kids.  Don't worry, once again the GOP has the backs of the Top 1%.  The plan includes major reductions in the tax credits for tuition that help students and their families offset college costs, moves to treat employer-provided tuition payments as taxable income, and proposes taxing endowment income at prestigious private universities to stop those bleeding hearts from giving your kids spot to some poor kid – just because they are smart and deserve it

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So we attack your health, your education and we force your states to tax you more at the local level than we can possibly save you at the Federal level but have we really made sure you and your family will never rise out of the lower classes and threaten us?  Surely we can do better than that when we have the President, the House, the Senate and the Courts…  Yes we can!  We can HIKE your Federal Taxes if your income is below $75,000 a year (after re-defining "Middle Class" so we can claim to keep our promises).  Some of the other evils noted by the NYTimes (Fake News!) include:

  • Lifting a 1954 ban on political activism by churches
  • Conferring of a new legal right for fetuses
  • Constraining the ability of states and local governments to levy their own taxes, pressuring them to limit spending on health care, education, public transportation and social services.
  • Give massive tax cuts to wealthy and corporations, which means we can outspend newcomers by a wide margin and keep a moat around our businesses – and our wealth.  

And that's not even the worst part.  Would you like to know what the worst part is?  It's that Team Trump CLAIMS that this tax plan "only" adds $1.5Tn to our deficit but that is a LIE!  The $1.5Tn number is ON TOP OF the completely irresponsible deficits we're currently running.  The very same one Trump ran against in the first place.  Rather than doing something to reduce the deficits before they destroy the country, we are adding $1.5Tn to them.  Does that seem rational to you?

Let's say you earn $100,000 a year and your family is $100,000 in debt.  The GOP tax plan is saying that you can fix your debt problem by spending an extra $75,000.  How?   Don't ask how, the problem is solved – go out and have fun!  

So the true cost of the Trump Tax Plan(aside from the dead bodies and shattered lives and loss of opportunity)is the cost of not doing anyting about our already $20Tn debt for another 10 years while running up $9Tn more in debt that is already projected at our current pace and another $1.5Tn to fund the Tax Cuts.  If you assume a rational Government would have found a way to cut 10% of the $9Tn ($900M) instead of spending $1.5Tn more – then the true cost of Tax Cuts for the Rich are $2.5Tn and there are 160M taxpayers so that's $15,625 per taxpayer of debt to fund Trump's Tax Cut.

It's not a coinidence that that's EVERY SINGLE PENNY of what the GOP claims the average American will save under their plan because that is the revenue-neutral way in which they trick the bottom 99% into borrowing $2.5Tn in order to transfer $1.5Tn to the Top 1%.  And you suckers are just sitting there and taking it?  Not me, I'm furious!  

CALL/EMAIL YOUR SENATOR– Or this is on you!