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Amazon Driver Finds Out What a Really Toxic Work Environment Is Like

The hero former Marine went viral on TikTok with over 8 million views after this happened.
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Amazon  (AMZN) - Get Free Report has a reputation for lightning-fast delivery and truly dedicated employees. But a recent story involving a delivery driver for the fulfillment giant might be the most shocking one yet. 

It's no secret that Amazon takes its delivery time seriously. The average shipping speed for most Prime customers is between 1-2 business days, though often your package arrives earlier if you buy qualifying items already stocked in a warehouse near your address. The bottom line is, Amazon and its drivers take deadlines very seriously because the pressure is i. 

Amazon Sewer Lead KL 011223

This Delivery Driver Went Beyond the Call of Duty

There are plenty of protocols and provisions for Amazon delivery drivers. Some have even admitted to eating lunch behind the wheel and peeing in bottles in order to avoid being penalized by Amazon's strict timekeeping system. 

But a delivery driver name Charles found himself beyond the handbook or timekeeping system after he fell into a delivery recipient's septic system. 

Naturally, he filmed the occasion, because this is 2022 in America and it didn't happen unless there's footage. 

"I’m, like, 6 feet down, and I tried using these roots around me to get out, and they just pulled more dirt on me," he says in his video, still standing in several feet of septic refuse. "I don’t really want to die in somebody’s … whatever you call these things. I can’t even think right now."

Charles also said he didn't think he'd be able to continue on his route if and when he got out of the septic hole. "Hopefully they don’t make me finish my route," he says in the clip.

He still had 100+ additional stops to make before he fell into the pit. 

But after a fire truck, ambulance and a helicopter arrived on scene to hoist him out of the predicament, Charles actually got back to work and finished his delivery route after all. 

Amazon sent a truck to take half of the remaining packages off his hands, the driver said in a third video. He finished the route after going home to shower and change.

"I guess I’m too nice," he said. 

We don't know how Amazon recognizes their drivers and employees, but if it were up to us, this former Marine should get the Medal of Honor at the bare minimum.