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Starting today, options guru Dan Colarusso will pen a weekly column for <I>TSC</I> and <I>RealMoney</I>.
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I'm happy to announce that, beginning today, Dan Colarusso will pen a weekly column on options for



For longtime


readers, Colarusso is a familiar face: He began writing for

way back in 1997. Since then, he has made a name for himself as one of the best options reporters around.

In this ugly market, it takes a little sophistication to make money, and Dan's here to help. His column will focus on smart options strategies that can help you make money and cover your assets.

For instance, in today's column, Dan offers a smart way to stay in tech stocks: To preserve recent gains, investors can dump their shares and use part of the proceeds to buy inexpensive call options just in case the rally continues. Low prices can be alluring, especially in key names like



Sun Microsystems


Texas Instruments


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