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Between the holidays and the constant updates on our president-elect, it's very easy to feel overloaded with nonsensical information. But try to stay focused for one more minute. We don't want you to forget that you may need to do some year-end tax planning. To make life easier, we've compiled all our recent year-end planning pieces for you. So click away to a financially fit New Year.

For some great ways to take advantage of the upcoming decrease in capital gains rates, read this

recent column.

If you are one of the fortunate/unfortunate souls who have exercised stock options earlier this year, you need to read


Did you convert your IRA to a Roth? If so, click

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here for some tax-saving suggestions.

Be sure to check out our last year's all-inclusive

tax planning checklist to help you ensure that you close out 2000 in the best tax situation possible.

And one more thing. If you're an American working overseas and you're coming home for the holidays, here our some

tips to help make sure your finances are in order.

Happy holidays.