People from around the world come to the Big Apple to make their dreams come true, but this week, part of the New York dream was flushed down the pipes.

Hundreds of job seekers lined up for open auditions in Times Square to become a “bathroom ambassador” for six weeks. Charmin has made a tradition of setting up toilets in this area at the end of each year to provide a much needed rest stop for tourists and New Yorkers on the go during the holiday season. The main duty of the job is to greet guests who use the toilets.

Doesn’t sound like the ideal freelance opportunity? Well, the job pays $10,000 for just six weeks of work. That’s the kind of salary that is usually reserved for drug dealers and Howard Stern.

“I'll glue myself to a toilet for $10,000," one applicant reportedly told the panel selecting the applicants. Which raises an interesting question: What would you do for that much money?

In addition to greeting guests, these employees are expected to blog about the experience on Facebook and Twitter, an obvious way for Charmin to further promote themselves. That sounds pleasant enough. But it’s the guest greeting that may be the tough part. Roughly half a million people are expected to use these toilets in the last six weeks of the year, according to Charmin’s estimates. So the company is planning to hire five bathroom ambassadors to handle the duties.

If the salary weren’t enough to coax Americans into applying, the recent unemployment numbers will likely scare people into looking for unusual jobs like these. Check out MainStreet’s previous coverage of other odd jobs created during the recession.

Charmin will announce the new bathroom ambassadors on Nov. 23.

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