NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- Millennials finally are moving out of their parents' homes -- but not into their own.

Even though it's been five years since the Great Recession, Millennials still aren't sure they want to buy their own home or can afford to do so, according to new data from the real estate firm Trulia (TRLA) .

Trulia's data -- based off U.S. Census Bureau data showing where Americans own, rent and live -- shows while the percentage of adults ages 18 to 34 living with their parents dipped for the second straight year to 31.1% last year, Millennials still aren't buying or renting their own places.

Instead, they are moving into households headed by their siblings, other relatives or roommates. The numbers show the head of household rate for Millennials fell to 36.6% in 2014, down from 36.9% in 2013 -- and just slightly above its 2012 low of 36.5%.

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