Why Can't I Trade Funds Intraday, Like Stocks?

Also, shorting against the box, new Internet funds and determining the cheapest-to-deliver bond.
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A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

Why Don't Fund Share Prices Change During the Day?
By Dagen McDowell
Though technology will allow it, the fund industry has philosophical problems. And there's the cost issue. More

Can I Short Stocks I Already Own?
By Dagen McDowell
Yes, it's called shorting against the box, but the IRS has cracked down on this practice. More

Untested Funds Crowd Onto Internet Bandwagon
By Dagen McDowell
Four have launched since April, and at least five others are on the drawing board. But few offer a compelling reason to invest. More

Short-Selling Intrigues Readers
By Dagen McDowell
The topic of betting on a stock's decline dominates this week's mailbag. More

What Makes a Bond Cheapest to Deliver Against the Futures?
By Elizabeth Roy
As you might suspect, you'll need a calculator. More