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Looking for a job that lets you work from home? Here are three companies with telecommuting opportunities available right now.

Sutherland Global Services

What they do: Provider of outsourced IT and business services.

Types of positions available: Customer care associates, sales reps and technical support agents.

Hours/Pay: Associates work between 19 and 29 hours per week. The company operates around the clock. Associates are ranked by productivity, and those with the highest rankings get the first priority to schedule their preferred shifts. Pay is between $10 and $15 an hour.

Requirements: Must pass a background check and, for certain projects, a credit check. Must have a PC with Windows XP or Vista and ample memory, plus high-speed Internet access.

Other info: Associates are sometimes considered for full-time management positions, which also allow for telecommuting.

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First Data

What they do: Provider of electronic commerce and payment processing services.

Types of positions available: Account executives, managers/directors and IT specialists.

Hours/Pay: Full-time, with work generally done during normal business hours. Pay varies by position and qualifications. Salary for sales positions involves base pay plus commissions and bonuses.

Requirements: Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience in a similar role. Sales positions require proven sales or account management skills, plus effective communication skills.

Other info: Managers may supervise/coordinate other employees, but are generally not responsible for hiring or firing.

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West at Home

What they do: Provider of outsourced communications services.

Types of positions available: Sales and customer service agents.

Hours/Pay: Agents choose their own schedules. Pay is based on a per-call or per-hour basis. If total earnings are less than minimum wage, earnings will be "trued up" to meet the minimum wage.

Requirements: Must have a quiet home office environment.

Other info: The company's Web system tracks agents' hours based on when they log in and out. Agents are expected to be able to take calls immediately upon logging onto the work system, so they should have their work areas organized and all necessary supplies ready before logging in.

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