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Looking for a job that lets you work from home? Here are three companies with telecommuting opportunities available right now.

Keystone National High School

What they do: Online high school program.

Types of positions available: Teachers for middle school and high school courses.

Hours/Pay: Part-time teachers work up to 30 hours per week, depending on course load. Schedule is somewhat flexible, but teachers must have regularly scheduled "office hours" of a minimum of one hour per week. Part-time teachers earn $12 per hour, while full-time positions pay an average of $34,000 per year.

Requirements: Must have bachelor's degree or higher, plus teaching certificate in area(s) you wish to teach. Teaching experience preferred. Must pass criminal background check.

Other info: Must be very comfortable working remotely in a computer-based situation.

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Language Line

What they do: Provider of phone-based interpretation and translation services.

Types of positions available: Translators.

Hours/Pay: Translators can choose their own hours (the company operates 24/7). They have several pay programs — which may involve getting paid by the call or by the hour — so pay can vary widely, but the average is about $15 an hour.

Requirements: Must be proficient in English and at least one other language, with good communication skills and a pleasant phone presence. Must have a traditional phone line, plus headset.

Other info: You will be providing "real time" translation services, helping people with little to no English skill perform various everyday tasks, such as dealing with credit card or utility companies, filing insurance claims, etc.

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What they do: Provider of computer service plans.

Types of positions available: Call center technicians and sales agents.

Hours/Pay: Hours are flexible. Pay is $9 an hour, plus bonuses.

Requirements: Must have high school diploma with an associate's degree preferred. Experience in sales or call center staffing is preferred.

Other info: Company offers a full benefit package, with medical coverage starting on the first day of employment.

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