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Finally some encouraging jobs-related news: About half of workers who got laid off in the last three months say they’ve found a new job, according to researchers at The survey also said 41% of those laid off have gotten new full-time, permanent positions and another 8% are working part-time.

“There’s a misperception that if you lose your job, you won’t find a new opportunity,” says Jennifer Grasz, spokesperson at

Can you blame us? It’s not often you hear about companies hiring in this recession.  With the nation’s unemployment rate on the rise and many businesses conducting mass layoffs, it seems there is no other story to tell. But we’ve managed to find a number of companies, spread across many industries, actually hiring in droves.

Some may even surprise you, starting with the first:

Google (Stock Quote: GOOG)
Surprised? Despite just announcing 200 layoffs, the world’s biggest search engine is looking to fill about 360 jobs, mainly in the software, sales and engineering departments. Half of the new positions will reportedly be in the United States.

Princeton Review (Stock Quote: REVU)
The test prep company is always on the lookout for part-time tutors and essay graders, according to spokeswoman Harriet Brand. Every year they hire between 3,000 and 4,000 part-time teachers in more than 500 locations. Apply online.

Serious Materials
The stimulus act is fueling growth at this green materials development firm. “By the end of the year we’ll double or triple in size…we’re looking to hire hundreds of green jobs,” says Valerie Jenkins, director of marketing and communications. The company recently acquired two window factories that had gone out of business, one in Vandergrift, Pa., and one in Chicago. Serious Materials says it’s in the process of rehiring those plant workers who lost their jobs, about 500 positions.  Apply online.

Bright Horizons
The child care and early education center is expanding during the recession, opening a number of new facilities. Spokesperson Bridget Perry says the company has about 440 job listings, primarily teaching positions in Bright Horizons’ child care centers. You’ll need a college degree and experience working with toddlers and kids.  Apply online.

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TheStreet Recommends

Family Dollar (Stock Quote: FDO)
With plans to open 200 new retail locations by the end of August, the national discount chain is creating new full- and part-time positions working in personnel in distribution centersand corporate offices.

“It’s about a 3% increase to the total employee base,” says spokesman Josh Braverman.  The company’s online profiler sends you job notifications based on your preferences. There are currently 447 jobs listed on the site. Apply online.

Amazon (Stock Quote: AMZN)
Amazon’s stock is actually up 10% this year, perhaps giving way to the approximately 400 jobs current listed on the web retailer’s site.

"We’re always seeking to grow and expand our business and innovate and…we need talented individuals who can help us,” says Patty Smith, spokesperson.  Most of the job openings are tech and software-related. “For the majority of jobs in corporate, they’re going to require a college education,” Smith adds.  Apply online.

Whole Foods (Stock Quote: WFMI)
With more than 50 new locations underway in the U.S., the natural and organic grocery chain is currently looking to hire up to 1,000 new positions that are mainly store-based.

“We need an ongoing supply of team members,” says spokeswoman Cathy Cochran-Lewis. Right now there are openings in all 11 of Whole Foods’ regions, ranging from administrative jobs to store specific posts in all departments such as bakery, produce, meat and seafood. Apply online.

Raytheon (Stock Quote: RTN)
The giant defense contractor has more than 1,500 full-time positions nationwide, according to its jobs search web site. Positions include administrators, managers, directors and more. If you have a degree in science, engineering, communications or business, you may be a good fit. There are also temporary and part-time posts.   The company is faring well in the recession, having just received $163.5 million through a new Army contract to provide surveillance equipment. Apply online.

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