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Dell (Stock Quote: DELL)
Who They Are: Major manufacturer of personal computers and other electronics.

Where They Are: Dell has its headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, plus business centers and distribution locations in Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma and various locations outside the U.S. Some positions are home-based, but may be limited to employees who reside in specific areas.

What They Want: Obviously, there are lots of tech-related opportunities: tech support reps, system engineers, etc. But there are also many openings in other areas, including marketing, sales, customer support, human resources and manufacturing.

Coolest Job:  If you love technology or gadgets, there are many cool jobs to be had here. But one that seems especially interesting is the Alienware Technical Support Specialist (German). Alienware is Dell’s premium line of gaming computers, and in this position you’ll be “handling customer inquiries related to extreme gaming.” You must be fluent in both English and German, and have knowledge of high performing gaming hardware. Dell offers medical benefits, discounts on Dell products for yourself and family members, college coaching services for your children, childcare discounts, emergency dependent backup care and generous paid time off opportunities.

Apply Here: Dell's jobs page.

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Purina PetCare
Who They Are: Purina PetCare was formed in 2001 as a result of the merger of Nestlé's Friskies products and Ralston Purina's products. Their brands include Alpo, Beggin’ Strips, Friskies, Puppy Chow and Busy Bone.

Where They Are: Headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., they have 23 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

What They Want: They have openings in marketing, research and development, warehouse operations and distribution. They also hire creative professionals for their in-house communications and design agency, called CheckMark.

Coolest Job: If you love animals, you might be a good fit for the PetCare Technician opening. You’d be caring for the pets who participate in Purina’s feeding trials, so you’d be handling their feeding, socialization, grooming and healthcare needs. Requires knowledge of and compliance with the Animal Welfare Act and all procedures and protocols in the Nestlé Purina R&D Petcare Manual. Benefits for all positions include health insurance, vacation and sick leave, bonus incentive program, free Nestlé baby formula for employees with infants, and an onsite dog park (yes, employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work).

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Apply Here: Purina's jobs page.

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Edible Arrangements
Who They Are: Leading provider of artistically designed fresh fruit arrangements.

Where They Are: Headquartered in Wallingford, Conn., the company has more than 870 locations worldwide. The newest locations include stores in Tulsa, Okla., and Wayne, N.J.

What They Want: The most plentiful opportunities are for drivers and delivery people, customer service reps and arrangement creators. They also need managers, assistant managers and production help.

Coolest Job: The people who get to create all sorts of clever arrangements out of delicious fruit have a pretty tasty gig, but another good opportunity is the Regional Franchise Trainer position (there are several openings across the U.S.). There’s lots of travel involved, which will appeal to people who like to visit new places. The best part is, you get to learn how to make all of the company’s products. (Which, we assume, provides the opportunity for ample taste-testing.) Benefits for all positions include medical and dental coverage, paid time off and life insurance.

Apply Here: Edible's jobs page.

Bonus Cool Job of the Week: The Los Angeles Dodgers are seeking a Korean-English translator to help one of their minor league players. You would interpret meetings and baseball instructions, assist with practice and travel with the team if necessary. You must be fluent in English and Korean, able to travel and ideally have baseball knowledge. Apply here.

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