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Blizzard Entertainment

Who They Are: A division of Activision Blizzard (Stock Quote: ATVI) , Blizzard is a computer video game company well-known for games like World of WarCraft and Diablo II.

Where They Are: Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., with several other locations in the U.S. and overseas.

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What They Want: They need people who specialize in any facet of the online gaming process: animators, designers, software engineers and programmers. They also have numerous customer service and marketing openings.

Coolest Job: For tech types who love gaming, any of Blizzard's current openings would probably seem like a dream job. One particularly cool opportunity: they're looking for a 3D Character Artist to create characters for World of Warcraft. You need at least three years experience in game development modeling and texturing characters, and must provide a demo reel.

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WWE (Stock Quote: WWE)

Who They Are: WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) produces live and televised professional wrestling events, and also sells and licenses action figures, video games and other products related to their programs and characters.

Where They Are: Based in Stamford, Conn., they also have offices in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, plus several overseas locations.

What They Want: Most current openings are related to televised programming (writers, producers and graphic designers).

Coolest Job: The Live Event Marketing Rep opportunity allows you to work from anywhere in the U.S. (although 25% of your time will be spent traveling). You'd be responsible for promoting 35-40 markets worldwide, and would develop marketing campaigns for live events. You need previous media buying and live event promotion experience. Cool perks: you get to attend live shows and accompany talent to various appearances and events.

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The Clorox Company (Stock Quote: CLX)

Who They Are: Manufacturer of consumer products, including household cleaning products such as Clorox Bleach and Green Works natural cleaners.

Where They Are: Based in Oakland, Calif., the company manufactures products in more than 15 countries and sells them in more than 100 countries.

What They Want: They have many openings in business operations, production and planning and customer service.

Coolest Job: The Senior Designer (Discovery & Design) opening would be perfect for someone with creativity and design skills who can keep customers' needs and tastes in mind when designing new or improved products and packaging. You'd need a design-related degree and 5-10 years experience in product or industrial design.

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Bonus Cool Job of the Week: Always wanted to be a basketball star, but never got your big break? If you have gymnastics ability (or at least lots of energy) and don't mind wearing a costume, here's your chance to be an NBA star. The Atlanta Hawks are seeking a mascot for their upcoming season. You'd be filling the role of "ShyHawk," the highflying, acrobatic dunking mascot that appears at every Hawks home game. You must be outgoing and energetic, and preferably will have a background in athletics, gymnastics and entertainment. Apply here.

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