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Recent market turmoil and banking troubles have left individuals and investors with questions about financial security.

For those wondering who to turn to, MainStreet provides answers to your question and some sources to help out:

The Investment Company Institute offers a guide to understanding mutual funds. The ICI also serves as a resource for those interested in learning about money market funds.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission provides an introduction to 529 Plans, which are used to save for college.

Consumer Action helps individuals to understand consumer rights and offers help with comparing credit cards and banking information.

FirstGov for Consumers offers tips for on banking and investor education, identity theft and consumer protection, and more.
Formed 14 years ago, the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education is a nonprofit organization that provides insurance help for individuals and families at every life stage. In addition to an insurance calculator, LIFE can help you find an insurance agent and company.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation can help with questions regarding insurance for your personal savings and checking accounts.

The Federal Trade Commission touches on mortgage facts for consumers, including Home Equity Loans and the rules of cancellation.

Remember, for direct questions on your investment, your mortgage, your retirement funds or your bank account, you should contact the customer care department at your bank and/or retirement provider.