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In its ongoing and largely successful effort to become kinder, gentler and even funnier, the Internal Revenue Service is promoting its new service that allows taxpayers to track the status of their refunds.

Aptly titled "Where's My Refund?," the service enables taxpayers to find out if the IRS received their return and what's happened to it since. For instance, filers can see whether their return has been processed, and if it has, the mailing date or direct deposit date of the refund. The site will also provide additional guidance to resolve outstanding issues.

It's easy to find -- simply go to the

IRS Web site and click on "Where's My Refund?" The site is secure.

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To get your refund status, taxpayers will need to provide their Social Security Number, filing status (single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, head of household or qualifiying widow), and the refund amount. Taxpayers must enter the refund amount exactly as it's shown on their return.

More than 5 million taxpayers had already used the site as of Feb. 5. But what's really astonishing is that 5 million taxpayers had already completed their tax returns as of last week.