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There’s one thing you can say about watching football on television: It’s a lot cheaper.

The average cost for a family of four to attend an NFL game in the 2021 season is $568.18, an increase of $14.05 over last year, according to Team Marketing Report's NFL Fan Cost Index. The average NFL ticket is around $107, they say.

But getting in the door is just the beginning. Here’s what it costs for two fans to attend an NFL game for every team, based on average ticket prices, and assuming they purchased remote parking, two beers, two hot dogs and two t-shirts.

The Raiders in their new Las Vegas home top the list for average ticket price at $153.47, followed by the San Francisco 49ers at $139.71. The lowest average ticket price comes from the Buffalo Bills, at $74.95, with the L.A. Chargers and Cincinnati Bengals also coming in below $80.

San Francisco has the most expensive beer at $14, while the Atlanta Falcons have the cheapest beer—the only team that charges just $5 for a beer, according  to’s Gameday Calculator. Atlanta is known for its low-price food, with hot dogs around $2, and in Baltimore, hot dogs are just $3.

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For all the extras, Minnesota was most expensive, at $196 for the two beers, two hot dogs, two t-shirts and parking. The Indianapolis Colts were lowest, at $97, and Tennessee just $99.

We used Statista for average ticket prices, and’s Gameday Calculator for the cost of the extras, except for the Las Vegas Raiders, where we sourced the hot dog, beer and t-shirt prices from the Allegiant Stadium site.

Here's how much it costs to attend a football game for every NFL team, in order of the overall price, from highest to lowest.

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