The economy has been skidding and losing more jobs each month, but the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is designed to create jobs and eventually turn unemployment on its ugly head. The impact will take some time, because the exact allocation of these funds still needs to be determined, and the millions of jobs the plan is said to create will be spread over a couple of years. It took years of mistakes to get us into this mess, and we can't expect automatic miracles.

The Wall Street Journalspoke to Joanie Ruge from New York-based staffing firm Adecco North America, and asked her to predict which industries will benefit most from the stimulus. She highlighted manufacturing, construction, engineering, information technology and health care as industries that would see job growth across all skill levels. She explained the widespread job growth like this: "Even the infrastructure jobs will create opportunities for all skill sets. For example, in construction, workers will be needed to build bridges, but engineers will also be needed to design them and project managers to oversee those projects."

Economists believe infrastructure projects will overlap and provide new jobs with other industries such as the green sector, medical information technology, education, energy and utilities, and of course, the federal government. Consider making yourself more marketable for jobs in some of these sectors by taking a class at your local community college, reading up on trade magazines, or temping at a related company to learn new skills.

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