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The holiday season may be a festive time at home, but it has a way of leading to drama in the workplace.

Forty percent of Americans admit they’ve done something inappropriate or embarrassing at a holiday office party and nearly a quarter claim to know someone who has been reprimanded afterwards because of their bad behavior, according to a new survey from Adecco, a leading human resources solutions firm.

If that’s not bad enough, 14% of those surveyed claim to know someone who has been fired after an office party.

The most common mistake made by employees, according to the survey, is drinking too much alcohol, with one in five people surveyed confessing to having done so. About 4% of employees also admit to having said something inappropriate to their boss at a party, and 3% claim to have had an office fling during the festivities.

Adecco surveyed more than 1,000 people on a wide range of questions about holiday habits for employees. Even when they’re not getting drunk and making out with their co-workers, many employees are guilty of potentially unwise decisions during the holiday season.

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The study found that nearly half of all employees (46%) will be distracted at work this year by holiday shopping, either online, during their lunch breaks, or by leaving early. In fact, 10% of employees actually plan to take at least one sick day or vacation day just to do their holiday shopping.

But some will go even farther than this to fulfill their holiday shopping needs.

One in four people surveyed admit to taking a seasonal job mainly to earn some extra money to pay for their holiday gifts and 8% chose their holiday job because they wanted to shop at that store or receive a discount there.

While this may sound like a smart way to justify extra purchases, there is one problem: when you work in a store that you also want to shop in, you’re bound to buy up more than you should. Take it from someone who has worked in retail before.

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