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It's easy to commit an interview faux pas such as arriving too early to reception, but showing up more than 10 or 15 minutes early might be the least of your problems. Gearing up for a job interview is stressful regardless of your work experience, and for new grads, the anticipation can be downright draining.

Learning the interview dos and don'ts is the best way to reduce the butterflies. CareerBuilder recently surveyed employers on the biggest mistakes they've seen recent college graduates make in the application and interview process. Even if you're not a recent grad, you aren't immune from making the following mistakes, so review them and make sure you're not among the guilty.

1. Acting bored or cocky.
2. Not dressing appropriately.
3. Coming to the interview with no knowledge of the company.
4. Not turning off cell phones or electronic devices.
5. Not asking good questions during the interview.
6. Asking what the pay is before the company considered them for the job.
7. Spamming employers with the same résumé and/or cover letter.
8. Failure to remove unprofessional photos/content on social networking pages, web sites, blogs, etc.
9. Not sending a thank you note after the interview.

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