Skip to main content recently decided to bum out everyone in the world, so they published a list of the 10 countries most likely to melt down if the global economy should sour again in the near future.

Unfortunately, the U.S. did make the list, but compared to the other nine countries, our situation seems pretty sweet right now.

Sure, our official unemployment rate is closing in on 10%, which is higher than it has been in decades.  But that’s still nothing compared to Spain’s 20% unemployment rate. 

Yes, our housing market is struggling, but at least the worst sectors are on the mend, unlike Dubai where property prices are currently down 50%.

And remember when Americans travelling abroad were complaining about the dollar falling compared to the euro? Well, Latvia’s currency may fall as much as 30% in the near future.

So next time you wish you lived in a different country, just be thankful you don’t live in Spain, Dubai, Iran, Latvia, Ireland, China, Venezuela, Lithuania or South Korea. Thanks for the pick-me-up, BusinessInsider!

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