A company that makes aromatherapy kits for children is announcing a recall … again.

The toy company JAKKS Pacific recalled more than 500,000 of its Spa Factory aromatherapy kits in January 2009 after receiving dozens of reports of jars from the kits exploding and causing various injuries. Since then, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has received 12 additional reports of exploding jars and is announcing the recall yet again.

The recall focuses on the jars used to make “Bath Bombs” (which despite their name, are not actually meant to explode) and “Bath Fizzies.” The carbon dioxide pressure that builds up in the jars can cause the lid to fly off and become a projectile. The injuries reported have ranged from eye injuries to welts to one “face gash.” Meanwhile, the mixture of water and chemicals also creates citric acid that can splash in children’s eyes when the jar explodes, making this a chemical weapon as well.

The solution to this is simple: Replace the jar lids with ones that have vent holes, allowing the gas to escape uneventfully. Parents are advised to take the jar away from children, throw out the cap and contact the company to send a free replacement with the necessary vent holes. It seems like you could probably save yourself some time by just drilling or poking a couple holes into the lid yourself.

If you’d rather not do that yourself, contact the company at (877) 875-2557 or send an e-mail to caps@jakks.net. The jars are found in a few different kits, so for a full list of the recalled models visit the CPSC website.