Forget taxes,


and the human genome.

If my email is any indication, investors are truly obsessed with

Merrill Lynch's


HOLDRs are a great way to invest in hot areas of the market. They're straightforward, cheap and easy to buy and trade. You can pick up shares from any broker.

Merrill launched the first of these

exchange-traded portfolios, Internet HOLDRs


, last September.

Now there are six others, covering


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, or business-to-business,

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Internet Architecture



Internet Infrastructure



All of these baskets start off with 20 stocks, trade on the

American Stock Exchange

and carry the same investment restrictions. You can buy HOLDRs only in round lots, or increments of 100 shares. So it will cost you anywhere from around $7,900 (pharmaceutical) to around $23,000 (biotech) to get into HOLDRs.

At launch, the holdings of each portfolio are weighted according to market capitalization, with a 20% ceiling on any one stock. The weightings change constantly as each stock's price fluctuates.

Alas, you'll have one difficult time locating the weightings -- or the holdings -- of HOLDRs on the Internet.

Maddeningly, you won't find that information on Merrill's

Web site. And searching for the information in the

Edgar database is frustrating, and you won't find recent weightings there.

Bank of New York

, the trustee for the HOLDRs products, has portfolio holdings, but not current weightings, on its

Web site.

Well, you can now find the holdings, and the weightings as of Wednesday, right here on


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