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Ever wonder how government contracts are awarded? And not just the big billion dollar ones for aircraft carriers and the like… I’m talking about the smaller ones. For example, how do they decide who fixes the post office roof?

Check out FedBizOpps.Gov and you find it’s a pretty interesting window into the world of government contracts both big and small. You can search for jobs that are up for bid, and see what companies were awarded what projects and at what cost. That roof repair job, for example, went to Nicholson and Galloway, Inc. of Glen Head, N.Y. They were awarded $53 million to replace the slate roof of the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse at Cadman Plaza East in Brooklyn.

Keep in mind, however, that winning a government contract can be a lengthy process. The original notice for the Brooklyn roofing job, for instance, was posted March 29, 2007.  And if you do apply for a government contract, be sure to read the posting carefully. There may be a variety of requirements you’ll have to meet.

Here are a few other government contracts that are open for bidding now:

The U.S. Army needs to buy rappelling equipment, so if you’re in the sporting goods business, this might be for you. No target price is listed for this.

The National Park Service needs to install fireproofing materials and upgraded electrical systems for a housing structure in Lassen Volcanic National Park in Tehama County, Calif.  The budget for the project is between $25,000 and $100,000.

The State Department needs robots. That's right, robots. Specifically they need a “robotic claw on a telescoping arm” and a few other nifty sounding gadgets. No budget is listed, but we’re betting they’re prepared to spend some cash. Everyone knows that robots ain’t cheap.

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