NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Volkswagen recalled more than 70,000 Jettas Monday due to concerns that faulty wiring could cause the car to short-circuit when the horn is used, the company announced.

The recall involved the newest model of the popular sedan built between March 2010 and March of this year. According to Volkswagen, many of these 2011 Jettas have a flawed wiring system that may bring the car to a halt when the horn is used, or cause the alarm system to stop working.

As of the time of Volkswagen’s announcement, no injuries or accidents had been reported as a result of this malfunction. Still, customers with this particular Jetta model will be notified by Volkswagen of the safety issue and will have the wiring in their cars reconfigured to fix the issue at no cost.

Unlike several other major automobile companies, Volkswagen has recalled very few cars in the past year, and indeed, despite the recall, Volkswagen ranked as one of the top two companies with the safest cars on sale this year.

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