Looking for that perfect winter getaway? Then look no further than today's edition of


Martini Chat.

Travel guru Clara Bosonetto will join hosts Chris Edmonds and Eric Gillin. Clara pens the weekly budget traveler column for

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

and is the travel editor for syndicated radio personality Clark Howard.

Clara will delve into the state of the travel industry since the September terror and serve up plenty of air, cruise and hotel bargains for those of you looking for a winter respite either here or abroad.

In fact, Clara will join Chris and Eric from her holiday chalet in southern Germany. How's that for international flavor?

On a more serious note, Chris and Eric will shed light on the ever-confounding energy sector. First



, then


(HAL) - Get Report

and now




El Paso


have investors skittish about energy stocks.

Two veteran energy pundits will help sort out the opportunities and pitfalls of investing in energy: Jay Dobson of Deutsche Bank and Bryan Dutt, principal and portfolio manager at Ironman Energy Capital.

And, of course, the weekly markets roundtable, a look at the news of the week and what it means to you as investors.

You can join the Martini Chat by clicking on the dancing martini glass atop both




beginning around 4:45 this afternoon.

Let's stay



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