NEW YORK (MainStreet) — You've might have heard about the guy who proposed to his girlfriend right after she finished the Miami Marathon earlier this month.

Evidently, she thought he deserved a medal for creativity and surprising her (she didn't even know he was in town), because she said yes.

<>According to figures released by CNN last year, about 6 million either expected to be proposed to or expected to propose on Valentine's Day and 10% of all proposals happen on February 14, making it all the more one the most romantic days of the year.

If you are planning a proposal, chances are that you've already figured out the logistics, but just in case you haven't, MainStreet has compiled a list of some of the most romantic proposal stories we've heard:

1. The 21C Museum Hotel in Louisville, Ky. hosted a guest who had designed the engagement ring himself and felt it was a piece of art. As a result, he wanted to have the ring on a stand in one of the hotel's art galleries so that it looked like part of the current exhibition. The guest planned to take his girlfriend to have dinner in Proof on Main, the hotel's adjacent restaurant, and then browse the gallery after. The idea was that while they were browsing the gallery they would "stumble" upon the ring and the proposal would happen. In order to make this happen, Nico, 21c's exhibitions coordinator and designer, provided a pedestal for the ring and created a wall tag (describing how it was designed, by whom, etc.) to match the others in the gallery. When the guest and his girlfriend approached this "piece of art" he popped the question. She said yes and was also able to keep the wall tag as a souvenir.

2. Flash mobs are always a good way to involve friends and family in a marriage proposal, and Kristen Marion had an extra surprise when she learned her boyfriend, Aaron, had set it up to be broadcast live on the local Phoenix Fox affiliate. "He did a flash mob proposal with my favorite things, Taylor Swift, lilies and Sprinkles cupcakes," Kristen said. The couple was just married on January 10.

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3. Amber Connor describes herself as a huge fan of Halloween, so when her fiancé, Zach Steffens, wanted to propose, he incorporated her favorite holiday into the happy occasion. He went all out, enlisting her friends to transform their new home into a haunted house. They carved pumpkins that read, "Will you marry me?" and even got a fog machine to add to the spooky atmosphere. "I'm calling it our Trick-or-Treat proposal with a big emphasis on the treat with a bit of trickery by all involved," said Connor.

4. Daisy Teh and her husband, George, are proof that it's never too late for a formal proposal. Finding themselves in the middle of a high risk pregnancy and not financially or emotionally able to handle the planning of a dream wedding, Daisy and George didn't start their marriage off as they had hoped. However, four years later, with a healthy child and in a more stable position, he proposed to his wife at sunset on a Santa Monica beach, promising her the wedding of her dreams. They are now planning a renewal of their vows with that wedding she's always wanted on their seventh wedding anniversary in 2015. "It doesn't matter how you start, it's how you finish the race that matters," Daisy said.

5. Abe Geary's wedding proposal even inspired a new career. When he popped the question, he hand-painted his dog with "Marry Me?" to propose to his girlfriend. Obviously they are both dog lovers. She said yes, and Geary decided that painting his dog was so fun and memorable that he'd turn it into a business. The traditional dyes on the market at that time weren't effective enough, difficult to apply and even harder to wash off the dog. He then created PetPaint, a dog-safe, washable "fur spray" that dries in seconds, won't rub off on your furniture and will wash off completely when you're done.

6. Scott Breon bought a ring and planned on proposing to his girlfriend, Lisa, at the top of Mt. St. Helen's. "The permits to climb Mt. St. Helens go on sale in March, and the best climbing windows in August, sell out in minutes," Scott said. On the day they secured permits, there were 60 mile-an-hour winds, and Lisa stopped and refused to go any further. Scott said he convinced her it was safe, although he really didn't know if it was, because he didn't have a backup plan and he had already told their friends and families of the proposal. At the top, Scott couldn't get on one knee, because the winds were too strong, so he got on two and popped the question. The happy couple was married on August 20, 2011 on Mt. Hood (their wedding guests had to take ski lifts). Scott said his proposal is symbolic of their marriage, as Lisa battled stage III melanoma last year. "There's no hill or challenge we can't conquer together," he said.

7. Two months ago, one of the hotel's concierges at New York City's The Muse hotel was enlisted to help duplicate the wedding proposal from the hit TV show Friends where Monica proposes to Chandler, as it was the girlfriend's favorite show. While the guests were out to dinner, the concierge went to work, outfitting the room with hundreds of tea lights, red roses, rose petals and champagne to reenact this iconic TV scene. After returning from dinner, he popped the question. The story has a made for television scripted ending: she said "yes."

8. Finally, Gabrielle Orcutt's story proves that it isn't the presentation, but the thought that counts...if it's the right person, that is. After her boyfriend, Scott, told her that he couldn't keep his promise of buying her a ring due to finances and she would have to wait, the couple went out to a bar with some co-workers. One drink led to another and after they returned home, they ended up in the shower together. Scott stumbled out of the shower, still naked and drunk, came back and threw open the shower curtain got down on one knee and blurted out, "I know you wanted it to be all romantic...but I couldn't think of anything...will you marry me?" Evidently, the proposal was romantic enough, although Scott spent the rest of the night praying to the porcelain god. The couple has been married for 5 ½ years. They have one daughter and another baby due the day after their sixth wedding anniversary. "The story is priceless, and I wouldn't have had it any other way," Orcutt said. "He amazes me and always, always keeps me guessing, and entertained!"

--Written by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell for MainStreet