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Vacation Revival

Relax and get in touch with your body and soul at spirituality retreats.

Imagine going to a retreat where not only your body feels renewed, but also your spirit.

Picture yourself on a beach, listening to the waves crash and practicing yoga while watching the sunset.

Visualize yourself forgetting all your worries and getting in touch with what you really want. Think about getting every type of spa treatment imaginable.

It's all possible -- for a price -- at high-end resort-retreats around the world.

The minute you enter the

Present Moment Retreat, your mind will be put at ease. The resort lies on Troncones Beach in Mexico, right along the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

"Present Moment was designed as a sacred place," says co-founder Tom Morisette.

As you awaken in your private bungalow, you will hear the sound of the ocean. Then muse over what you want to do for the day -- yoga, meditation classes or


, an ancient Chinese practice that promotes health though certain body movements and postures.

Yoga is practiced on an outdoor pavilion, which sits directly above the beach. Your body will easily glide into the various poses as you relax to the sight and sounds of the shoreline. Resident yogini C.J. Page teaches in the style of

ashtanga vinyasa



yoga works with flow by synchronizing both moment and breathing, and classical


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yoga focuses on action in poses.

And don't forget about the massages -- a must after taking all those intense yoga classes. The resort has several different types including

lomi lomi

, which originated in Hawaii and uses invigorating oil infused with black pepper, cassia and ginger; as well as the Indian


, a massage that focuses specifically on the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face and ears, while helping build energy.

The resort also has life coaching available, to help sort out strategies to achieve your goals back home.

Present Moment offers its guests plenty of individualized service with a staff of 25 -- which is considerable, as the retreat allows a maximum of 26 guests.

Based on double occupancy, cost is $105 per night. A seven-night restore and refresh package for two is $1,175 per person. This includes an ocean-view room, breakfast and lunch every day, one massage session, one bodywork session, mediation, one guided activity (hiking, horseback riding or surfing) of your choice, 14 yoga classes and evening dance celebrations or drumming circles.

Mind Refresher

If you're looking for a resort with more of a life-coaching element, check out Patricia Moreno's

Superhero Training Retreat.

What better surrounding for this type of discovery than tropical Costa Rica? Guests stay at the deluxe

Pura Vida Resort in the lush Central Valley.

The workshops include the law of attraction ("you attract what you think about," as Moreno explains), meditation and visualization. The retreat focuses on making you aware of your potential and getting in touch with what you want out of life.

The weeklong retreat also features

IntenSati and YogiSati cardio-conditioning workouts, which combine martial arts, dance, yoga and positive affirmations.

Throughout the week, guests learn to be IntenSati warriors, vowing that they will live a life they love, in a body they love, and will accept nothing less.

Prices range from $2,300 to $3,100 per person, based on double occupancy, and include food and lodging for a week, round-trip shuttle from the San Jose airport, and the workshop fee. It doesn't, however, include airfare, any excursions or spa treatments.

Desert Paradise

Massage, acupuncture and


are just a few of the therapies that

Miraval offers among its more than 100 treatment options.

This destination spa, north of Tucson, Ariz., gives its guests the ability to focus on as many different aspects of their life that they want. These can include fitness, nutrition or spirit.

The center for life in balance program is designed specifically for people who want a guided schedule for their stay. Programs vary from focused athletic training, which is designed for people who want to prepare for a race; beautiful expectations, yoga and meditation for pregnant women; tai chi; and talks centered around communication and smoking liberation, including hypnotherapy, integrated breath work and


There are several different ways to get in shape on your own, too. Traditional workouts such as power walking and stretching as well as more focused workouts such as Feldenkrais, which teaches gentle techniques to improve posture.

Cost per night is around $750. A five-night Web special is $7,300 for two people, which includes three meals a day, access to all programs, evening hors d'oeuvres, all nonalcoholic beverages, unlimited snacks, one spa service and round-trip transportation from the Tucson airport.

So next time you are just thinking of just lying on a beach, consider an active retreat. You will leave your vacation not only feeling well rested, but also at peace.

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