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CBS’s reality TV series Undercover Boss put a 1-800-FLOWERS.COM executive into the shoes of real working man at the company, and not surprisingly, the company reaped a benefit. The online and telephone order gift shop saw its stock shoot up more than 5% following last night’s broadcast.

It’s a predictable result of what amounts to a massive public relations boon courtesy of the episode.

And benefitting from an appearance in the CBS show (Stock Quote: VIA) isn’t an uncommon result. Other companies that have been featured on the show have enjoyed similar stock surges. Sending the CEO ‘undercover’ into the lower ranks of his or her own firm to see how things ‘really’ work may predictably portray the boss, and ultimately the large corporation in a glowing light. But as MainStreet has previously written, there is often more to the story than meets the eye, as is usually the case in reality TV series.

Nevertheless, companies on the show do their best to make the most of the appearance. In fact, before the episode even aired, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM (Stock Quote: FLWS) issued a press release boasting that its president, Chris McCann, would be on the show’s season finale.

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But if watchers haven’t caught on to the show’s predictability and camera-friendly performances, it’s likely that viewers soon will, according to Entertainment Weekly.