) -- Maintaining your vegan diet or yoga regimen is not always easy when traveling and staying at hotels for days or weeks on end.

Unless of course you're staying at a luxury hotel -- one of the luxury hotels in the

Trump Hotel Collection

, to be exact.

The collection recently debuted the Trump Wellness program, a triad of offerings for exercise and healthy and fast dining.

"As we spoke with our restaurant chefs, and with banquets and with catering, the feedback we were getting is that luxury customers were looking for something that represented their lifestyle," explains Trump Hotel Collection Chief Operating Officer Jim Petrus. "The requests we've been getting signaled that this is something that is relevant to how people eat, and they consider wellness to be an important aspect in their day-to-day to lives."

The first of the three new wellness offerings is called


and includes the vegan, gluten-free and organic menu selections that have been added to in-room menus. The program also involved partnering with organic certifying companies to develop menu items made with certified organic ingredients that are often sourced locally and delivered daily.

For example, at Trump National Doral Miami, the chef has arranged for a nearby farm to grow a variety of organic herbs and vegetables exclusively for the resort's use.

At the Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk, the chef sources hydroponic lettuces from a farm in Kailua and orders organic vanilla bean ice cream from a historic business in Kauai.

"The approach we took was really centered around full transparency," Petrus says. "Our personal belief is we think ultimately all menus in America will have some aspect of nutritional values associated with them. People today want to know what they are consuming. The consumer today is much savvier, they have a much greater knowledge and a much greater appreciation for organic food."

"Quick Bites"

is the express food element of the new wellness program. It involves an in-room menu made up of healthy food options with a guaranteed delivery time of 15 minutes or less.

"Travel Fit"

encourages guests to maintain their workout regime while traveling, whether they choose to exercise in their room, the fitness center or outside.

Equipment such as yoga mats, stretch bands and light weights are available for guests upon request. But there's more: For guests who didn't pack everything they should have and perhaps forgot their workout gear or are simply struck with a sudden urge to exercise, fitness apparel and footwear from

Under Armour

will be provided, along with iPod Shuffles loaded with the guest's personal music genre preferences. Not a bad perk.

And just in case you don't know what sort of workout you're in the mood for, fitness centers in the hotel collection are stocked with training cards portraying easy-to-follow workouts developed by


. And what about those who want to take their workout outside? The Trump Hotel Collection has that covered too. They've developed maps of local running paths for each hotel in the collection.

Under Armour gear and IPod Shuffles don't sound like a cheap investment, but Petrus says the most expensive part of getting the Trump Wellness program off the ground was staff training.

"It's not so much a financial outlay," Petrus says. "Is there an investment made in fitness equipment and in apparel and in


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Shuffles? Yes to all of those things. But the greatest investment was the amount of time and effort tied to the rollout -- the research, working with nutritionists to validate what we're doing ... Because we are talking about things related to health -- menus and details surrounding the recipes -- all that has to be executed with great precision, so there was a lot of training for the staff to be able to do that."

The Trump Hotel Collection includes hotels in New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Waikiki, Toronto and Panama.