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Some in the golfing community are not thrilled about Tiger Woods’ scheduled 11 a.m. ET public apology—and it hasn’t even happened yet!

Reportedly his speech “is so tightly secured and controlled that the Golf Writers Association of America, a group of 950, has decided to boycott it.  Only three pool writers will be allowed near Tiger during the speech and they had to agree NOT to ask questions.”

You see, the Association’s president, Vartan Kupelian, says that limiting journalists’ access to his press conference “goes against the grain of everything we believe.” And thus the boycott.

We, on the other hand, are rooting for you, Tiger (did you happen to see our exhaustive list of potential new sponsors?). This is one brand we want to see get back on the right track—you’ve paid enough for your transgressions and it’s time to return to what you do best. No, not shady sex rehab centers or awkward apologies, but golf.

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