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Still don't know what you're going to be this weekend for Halloween, or how you're going to party? This isn't the year to stay in; after all, Halloween falls on a Friday night.

Here are three ideas to get you started, whether you're on a budget or prefer to live it up V.I.P. style.

1. Sarah Palin

There doesn't seem to be anyone more newsworthy this fall than the GOP.'s vice-presidential candidate. She's attractive and controversial, so any Sarah Palin lookalike is bound to inspire comments and provoke conversation, even if there are five or six Palins at the party.

Sarah on a budget:

If you're not looking to spend Republican coin, Sarah Palin wigs are easily had; they're actually selling like challah in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn, reports the

New York Post

. Check out

for your last-second Palin hairpiece. Palin kit costumes are predictable and include Miss Alaska sashes, bikinis, and, of course, the trademark glasses.


offers four options: Or borrow some hockey equipment (and some lipstick) and play the hockey mom.

Sarah Palin

Sarah, all out:

By now you probably know that Palin was reportedly given a $150,000 budget for her wardrobe by the GOP. So why not head over to

Neiman Marcus



to do her proud? Forget that she doesn't have any interest in the Washington elite, she sure can dress like it.

Feel free to wear as much bling as you can, and dress in layers, starting with a Valentino jacket and Cole Haan boots, and you'll be that impressive Palin with several outfits for the course of the evening. You can even still wear the Miss Alaska sash and bikini underneath it all, should the evening liven up.

2. Barack Obama

Of course, Halloween is orange, not blue or red, so if you're going to have your Palins, you also must have your Obamas. Nothing wrong with looking good in a suit at a party if you're a guy either, unless, of course, you're one of those business types that wear one all day, six or seven days a week. But hey, that'd make the costume-buying easy.

Barack on a budget:

Well, this is simple. All you need is a nice navy blue suit, a bright red tie and a clean white shirt. If you don't look particularly like the senator, there is no shortage of cheesy masks online that can instantly transform you into a B.H.O. On most of them, a plastic Obama is flashing a bright toothy smile. Beware, some of these can get pretty scary, as they really resemble those presidential masks used to rob banks in the movie "Point Break." But hey, these masks are cheap --

offers a particularly toothy version for only $23.99.

Barack Obama

Barack, all out:

Obama's no fashion pariah himself, so treat yourself to a custom

Hartmarx suit

. If you have a lady friend willing to be your Michelle, buy her a piece from the collection of Chicago up-and-comer

Maria Pinto

. Then hire yourself a security detail: Dress up your friends or hire four or five actors in black suits and sunglasses, and think about celebrating in his hometown of Honolulu. Your friends will love the private charter to the islands, and the opportunity to party on jack-o-lantern-lit beaches. Contact

Blue Star Jets


Celebrity Jet Charter

for rates. Once in Honolulu, party at Halloween at the Hyatt in Waikiki or the Get Fresh Halloween Party at Club Indigo. You're bound to be the hit of the party, as Hawaii's most famous native son.

3. Your Favorite 'Dancing With the Stars' Contestant



show is super popular, and you can choose your outfit to match with your favorite style of ballroom music, presenting a wealth of options for mixing and matching. Check out the show's

roster of celebrities

from this season for inspiration.

'Dancing With the Stars,' on a budget:

You can probably just raid your closet and put together an outfit that resembles one of those worn on TV, especially if you lived through the disco era or the 1950s, and then, add sequins. Just remember to go over the top. Lots of glitter and lots of orangey foundation and heavy makeup. Some of the outfits worn on this show have been pretty horrifying, so you'll probably be able to coax both laughs and screams of fright out of your fellow partygoers.

'Dancing With the Stars,' all out:

You know, you can actually buy some of the outfits worn on previous seasons of "Stars." The genius behind it all is Emmy-winner Randall Christensen, (yes he won an award for those get-ups), and

Randall Designs

is the company that has outfitted the show. Season Two designs start at $3,400. So you can actually be Lisa Rinna in that peacock smooth dress worn in Episode Seven when she danced the fox trot! Of course, you may need some plastic surgery...

Nate Herpich is a freelance writer and editor living in Brooklyn, N.Y. He has also written for the Wall Street Journal, the Christian Science Monitor and Sports