These gigantic moves in the S&P 500 need instant analysis. They demand thought and action. Here's a look at two joining the index and two that are checking out.

Coming in:


(EBAY) - Get Report

: I would use the strength to sell this stock. I think that the time to own stocks that sell at 70 times earnings is over, and this will be a convenient exit point.

Electronic Arts


: Good solid story that's not ridiculously overpriced and has a lot of momentum. I would hold on to it.

Going out:


(AL) - Get Report

: Tough call here. The company is doing better than expected. It might make sense to swap out of


(AA) - Get Report

(which I own) and move into Alcan. It's a well-run aluminum maker.

Barrick Gold


: Premier gold producer. I own it, and will buy more of it into any weakness from this subtract.

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