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All my stock-working life I have tried to take the rational position. When everyone was recommending the hot funds of the previous year, I would always preach, no, wait, let's look who had an off year and give him the money, and see if he can fight his way back. Often that bad year spurs a manager on to greatness.

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But something has gone dead wrong with that thesis. I talk to managers galore these days and the guys who don't get it, well they just ain't getting it. The game has changed. The managers who have missed this move are contemptuous of it. The managers who avoid winning stocks like the plague will not recover this time. They have too much baggage.

That's why I am planning on going with the


family for any additional contributions for my kids. Not only that, I am going with

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Global Tech.

Hold it, wise people, before you criticize me for buying the hottest fund in the universe, before you say I am being reckless and irresponsible, let me tell you a fact of life. The world has changed, and the only ones who are still in denial are the ones who are underperforming and will remain underperformers. Two things have happened during the second half of this decade:


won and Janus won. While everyone was so busy trying to mimic the


, Janus charted a different, more courageous path. They gave you more than an S&P fund with a brain.

That's why, as an experiment, I am putting any new money for my kids into the Janus family. They are young. They have years to make it back if Janus suddenly becomes a bunch of numbskulls. But I have gone over this issue for a month now, and I keep coming back to the same thing, something that all of the


and the


are never going to give you with all of their objective ratings. At the turn of the century there were managers who got it, and there were managers who didn't. Janus got it better than anybody.

They get the spoils.

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