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Is this convergence or what?

Watch Michael Witz, chief executive officer of

, on "" on

Fox News

this weekend. Then click over to the


Web site and read Ian McDonald's

story, "Is Community Intelligence an Oxymoron or Is on to Something?"

Also, catch tax columnist Tracy Byrnes' TV segment on deducting your investing expenses. Click over to her weekend

Tax Forum column for more on the subject.

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Also on the


Web site this weekend:

  • A guide to investing in the Japanese market by TSC's Japan correspondent, Kaya Laterman.
  • More Tips for the Timid from Herb Greenberg.
  • Protective strategies for your telecom holdings in TSC Options Forum.
  • A guide to quantitative models for stock picking available on the Web from Tools of the Trade columnist Mark Ingebretsen.

And, of course,

Jim Cramer, Gary B. Smith and more. See you on Saturday.