This Saturday in Personal Finance Focus

Our experts make some sense out of a whirlwind week.
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What a week, huh?

On Saturday, we'll try to make some sense of it:

  • TSC contributor Anne Kates Smith talks to Yale economist Robert Shiller about what's ahead for the markets.
  • Money manager David Edwards and financial planner Vern Hayden tell you how they shepherded their clients' portfolios through the week's turbulence.
  • Our Saturday Screen seeks the best diversified bond mutual funds for those of you who want a little safety.

Also on Saturday:

  • Tax Forum examines international tax issues.
  • Jimmy Guterman offers the lowdown on wireless Internet service providers.
  • Mark Ingebretsen tours sites that can help you research biotech stocks.

And, of course, we'll have the latest from Jim Cramer and lots more. See you Saturday.