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This Saturday in Personal Finance Focus

Read about growth stocks, HOLDRs, taxes and more.

As technology stocks continue to drive the market, our weekend Personal Finance Focus will attempt to broaden everyone's horizons a bit.

Look for these stories on Saturday:

  • Growth Stocks in Disguise: Anne Kates Smith talks to money managers and finds some good growth-stock stories that have been ignored by the market.
  • Saturday Screen: Searching for even more overlooked growth stories, Ian McDonald screens for stocks with robust earnings outlooks but poor recent price performance.

Also on Saturday:

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TheStreet Recommends

  • Tips for the Timid: Another installment of Herb Greenberg's series on how to spot companies in trouble.
  • HOLDRs Holdings: Dear Dagen has what you've been clamoring for -- complete lists of holdings for Merrill Lynch's seven HOLDRs securities.
  • Beyond Palm: Jimmy Guterman searches for killer apps being developed for Palm-wannabe Handspring and its Springboard add-on slot.
  • There's No Place Like Home Office: Tracy Byrnes' Tax Forum examines the new kinder, gentler home office deduction.

And, of course, Jim Cramer, Gary B. Smith and more. See you on Saturday.