This Saturday in Personal Finance Focus

Read about growth stocks, HOLDRs, taxes and more.
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As technology stocks continue to drive the market, our weekend Personal Finance Focus will attempt to broaden everyone's horizons a bit.

Look for these stories on Saturday:

  • Growth Stocks in Disguise: Anne Kates Smith talks to money managers and finds some good growth-stock stories that have been ignored by the market.
  • Saturday Screen: Searching for even more overlooked growth stories, Ian McDonald screens for stocks with robust earnings outlooks but poor recent price performance.

Also on Saturday:

  • Tips for the Timid: Another installment of Herb Greenberg's series on how to spot companies in trouble.
  • HOLDRs Holdings: Dear Dagen has what you've been clamoring for -- complete lists of holdings for Merrill Lynch's seven HOLDRs securities.
  • Beyond Palm: Jimmy Guterman searches for killer apps being developed for Palm-wannabe Handspring and its Springboard add-on slot.
  • There's No Place Like Home Office: Tracy Byrnes' Tax Forum examines the new kinder, gentler home office deduction.

And, of course, Jim Cramer, Gary B. Smith and more. See you on Saturday.