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This Saturday in Personal Finance Focus

The last time we heard from occasional contributor

James Brookes-Avey

, he wrote about the 55% his Arizona investment advisory firm had made in a one-month investment in vitamin maker

Rexall Sundown



Typically, Brookes-Avey waits until he's out of a position before he shares the lessons he learned with readers. But on Saturday, he'll share a potential value-stock play he has been watching. Tune in on Saturday to learn more.

Also coming Saturday in Personal Finance Focus:

  • Tracy Byrnes explores the potential pitfalls of trading stocks within your 401(k) account in Tax Forum.
  • Tools of the Trade columnist Mark Ingebretsen discovers that cable and DSL are not the only broadband alternatives for traders seeking a fast, reliable Internet connection.
  • Our new ETF Weekly Report lists the best- and worst-performing exchange-traded funds of the week.

We'll also have

Jim Cramer's

weekly mutual funds column, the best performing funds of the week and more. See you Saturday.