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Last Monday we told how technology-focused mutual funds are

flooding the market -- there are more than 105 to choose from, up from just 40 two years ago. On Saturday, we'll help you find the best ones.

This week's

Big Screen

will sort through the roughly 50 tech funds that have been launched since the end of 1999 and pick out the ones with solid pedigrees, good returns and experienced managers.

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Also coming Saturday in Personal Finance Focus:

  • Mark Ingebretsen's Tools of the Trade column offers a guided tour of resources that will help you choose the best online broker.
  • Tracy Byrnes' Tax Forum explores whether the beneficiary of an IRA can refuse to accept the money.
  • Contributor Stacie Zoe Berg surveys online bill-paying services.

We'll also have

James Cramer's

weekly mutual funds column, and more. See you Saturday.