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Dizzy from the deluge of earnings reports? They've been coming fast and furious in recent days, and it isn't always easy for investors to play the earnings game. This week's

Big Screen

takes a look at mutual funds that play and win that game by banking on companies with outsize earnings returns.

Ian McDonald

looks for funds that put the growth in the large-cap growth fund sector, turning up outperforming funds whose stock picks posted stellar earnings growth over the past three years.

Also coming Saturday:

Marriage is an affair of the heart, but it's also an affair of the wallet, and lawmakers are ironing out a measure to repeal the so-called marriage-penalty tax. In

Tax Forum


Tracy Byrnes

details how marriage affects your bill to Uncle Sam currently, and how the new bill would change matters if it takes effect.

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In the old days, the hotbeds of technology were limited to Silicon Valley, Japan and a few other outposts. But these days, the tech boom is reverberating around the world, with new hot pockets cropping up such as Israel and India.

Ilana Polyak

takes a look at mutual funds that are making big bets on emerging tech havens.

The old saw goes that you don't buy a home as an investment vehicle, it's more about providing shelter and comfort. But

Peter Miller

points out that real-estate investment gains have been very impressive over the past few years.

We'll also have

Mark Ingebretsen's

Tools of the Trade


Options Forum

and more.

See you Saturday.