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30 of the World's Newest Museums

Despite the museum-hating coronavirus, museums, old and new, continue to reopen. And while some have been delayed, new ones are still popping up.
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Despite lengthy closures around the globe this year, museums are surprisingly resilient. The 20 busiest museums in the world drew more than 105 million visitors last year, and dozens of new museums opened while others made major renovations.

The newest museums offer a window into current trends that move beyond traditional industry models, according to a recent report by the Themed Entertainment Association, which tracks museum attendance around the world. With the pandemic, first and foremost of these has been virtual exhibits, but museums have also been leveraging their brand power through expansion to multiple locations, new experiences and venue types, as well as integrating the cultural experience with retail, the report says.

Here are 30 new museums around the world, according to the TEA report and The Art Newspaper.