The modern economy isn't behaving as it should.

One of the most reported pieces of economic news from this past decade has been the sluggish recovery from 2008's Great Recession. Ordinarily an economy in the wake of recession bounces back and posts gains that make up the ground lost in terms of economic growth and consumer spending. This has not happened. Instead, the years since 2009's official recovery have been marked by a famously weak economy by historic standards.

The stock market has regained the value it lost in the subprime mortgage collapse, but across the country, many Americans insist that they don't feel those gains.

And the evidence isn't just anecdotal. In fact, despite the headline statistics, America's economic indicators fluctuate wildly in general. Formerly reliable relationships between data don't seem to work anymore, and big picture forces seem to influence spending and hiring in ways that economists still don't fully understand. The economy is acting very weirdly right now, and here are ten specific reasons why.

Let's take a look at why the economy has been weird. 

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