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Here are the names people need to beware of.

Jim Cramer's naming names.

On today's Wall St. Confidential video, Cramer told Gregg Greenberg about the

"Dirty Dozen" subprime stocks

that everyone is shorting.

But Cramer said he doesn't want to short -- or go long -- these names.

"I wanted people to know what

the shorts are leaning on" so that people can decide for themselves if stocks such as






are "survivors," he said. "I presented the list not to say these businesses are going out of business but to say these are the targets, be careful."

Other stocks on the list include:

  • CharterMac (CHC)
  • Friedman Billingsundefined
  • Fremont Generalundefined
  • Redwood Trust (RWT)
  • Newcastle Investment (NCT)
  • American Home Mortgage (AHM)
  • Gramercy (GKK)
  • Accredited (LEND)
  • Thornburg Mortgageundefined
  • CapitalSource (CSE)

The fact that the market is taking a break from pounding subprime mortgage stocks today is related to options expiration week, Cramer continued. Because the floor traders are going to get a look at Friday's expiration at 2:30 p.m. EDT, he said he wouldn't "make any judgments that were necessarily going to hold between now and 2:30.

"But once you're out of the woods at 2:45, you can act accordingly," Cramer said.

Of the battle brewing between






, Cramer told Greenberg he believes Viacom "has got the wrong approach here."

Viacom sued Google and YouTube for $1 billion in damages today over alleged copyright infringement.

"Google is an amazing tool for people to find out more and want more," Cramer said. "Viacom needs to understand that first run belongs to Viacom and they don't get residual of second run anymore."

Viacom wants "to roll back the clock, which has never been a very smart strategy," he went on to say. "Google is here to stay."

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