In the 1990s market players had "anointed stocks," where the valuation didn't matter, Jim Cramer said on TV's Wall St. Confidential Web video Wednesday. In other words, there was no price the big institutions wouldn't pay for the stocks.

"We're back in that mode," Cramer said.

F5 Networks

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is an anointed tech stock with great momentum and a great secular trend. People can't get enough of F5, he said, advising people to keep an eye on the stock. When the market dips, F5 is flat; on any up day, it goes up more than any other stock. Cramer said he'd buy the F5 $80 calls out three months. "That way, when the stock spikes, you sell a little common and buy it back," he said.

Ralph Lauren

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is changing itself from a niche brand to a worldwide brand that is going to take market share at almost every major department store, Cramer said. The stock, currently at $100, will probably go to $120 "before it even dawns on people that it's too high."



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, he said, is heading to $200. The fact that


(WMT) - Get Report

choosing Visa makes MasterCard go up "just shows you how favorable the stock's environment is." Cramer said he could buy MasterCard's $140 or $145 calls.

Although people keep thinking of

General Cable


as a copper play, it is not, he said. "It's a play on the secular growth of needing to get all power lines under the ground in order to be able to prevent another power outage," Cramer said. "This was the thing that caused


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to have a nationwide outage. The utilities industry is not going to let this happen again."

Moreover, the government should never have let


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merge with Maytag, he said, adding that he would be willing to pay $200 for the stock without being worried about it. Cramer suggested buying the $110 calls of Whirlpool.

"Everyone wants one auto company that can be part of their portfolio," he continued. "But you can't own

General Motors

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(F) - Get Report

if you have any worries about fundamentals, so you buy

Johnson Controls

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. Buy the $100 calls."

"These are the anointed stocks," Cramer said. "If the 1990s are an indicator, and I think they are, you have the rest of the year to buy these stocks."

At the time of publication, Cramer had no positions in the stocks mentioned, although holdings can change at any time.

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