Publish date: Ratings: The Fund Manager Shuffle

Several mutual fund managers are already on the move this year.

It's always important to keep a close watch on the fundamentals and performance of any of your mutual funds. But it's also important to know about the wizard behind the curtain pulling on the strings and running your investment.

That's why Ratings is monitoring the manager changes going on at the mutual funds we track. Below is a list of the changes that took place during the months of January and February.


Fidelity kicked things off in early January, naming Yun-Min (Charlie) Chai manager of

(FSPTX) - Get Fidelity Select Technology Report

Fidelity Select Technology (FSPTX). He succeeded James Morrow, who remains manager of

(FSELX) - Get Fidelity Select Semiconductors Report

Fidelity Select Electronics (FSELX). Chai also runs the

(FSDCX) - Get Fidelity Select Commun Equipment Report

Fidelity Select Communications Equipment (FSDCX) and


Fidelity Select Networking & Infrastructure (FNINX) portfolios as well.

Benjamin Hesse became sole manager of

(FBSOX) - Get Fidelity Select IT Services Report

Fidelity Select IT Services (FBSOX), which he had co-managed with Jim Morrow since March 2006, and Mayank Tandon assumed sole management of

(FSCSX) - Get Fidelity Select Software & IT Svcs Report

Fidelity Select Software & Computer Services (FSCSX).

Completing Fidelity's January changes, Tobias Welo succeeded Christopher Bartel -- who will continue managing


Fidelity Select Industrial Equipment (FSCGX) -- as manager of

(FCYIX) - Get Fidelity Select Industrials Port Report

Fidelity Select Industrials (FCYIX). J. Justin Bennett took sole management of


Fidelity Select Paper & Forest Products (FSPFX), which he had managed with Bartel, and Lindsay Connor became sole manager of

(FSRFX) - Get Fidelity Select Transportation Report

Fidelity Select Transportation (FSRFX), also previously co-managed with Bartel.

Fidelity had a busy February as well. Its Fidelity Discovery fund was renamed

(FDSVX) - Get Fidelity Growth Discovery Report

Fidelity Growth Discovery (FDSVX) and took on a new growth-oriented benchmark (Russell 3000 Growth Index). Jason Weiner left

(FDFFX) - Get Fidelity Independence Fund Report

Fidelity Independence (FDFFX) to manage Fidelity Growth Discovery.

(FTRNX) - Get Fidelity Trend Fund Report

Fidelity Trend (FTRNX) named Jeffrey Feingold as portfolio manager. Feingold, who replaced Ramin Arani, continues as co-manager of


Fidelity Global Balanced (FGBLX ) and

(FWWFX) - Get Fidelity Worldwide Fund Report

Fidelity Worldwide (FWWFX). Amin became co-manager of

(FPURX) - Get Fidelity Puritan Fund Report

Fidelity Puritan's (FPURX) equity portion.

Fidelity also named Christopher Lee and Paul Jackson co-managers of

(FSELX) - Get Fidelity Select Semiconductors Report

Fidelity Select Electronics (FSELX), succeeding James Morrow, who continues to manage

(FDTOX) - Get Fidelity Adv Diversified Stock A Report

Fidelity Advisor Diversified Stock Fund (FDTOX). Lee joined Fidelity as a semiconductor industry analyst in 2004, and Jackson, an analyst of global technology companies, joined the firm the following year.

Brian Younger and Richard Manuel took over

(FIDSX) - Get Fidelity Select Financial Services Report

Fidelity Select Financial Services (FIDSX), replacing Charles Hebard, who remains manager of

(FBCVX) - Get Fidelity Blue Chip Value Report

Fidelity Blue Chip Value (FBCVX). Younger joined Fidelity in 1995 as an equity analyst. He has served as a manager for Select portfolios such as

(FBIOX) - Get Fidelity Select Biotechnology Report

Biotechnology (FBIOX),

(FSUTX) - Get Fidelity Select Utilities Report

Utilities Growth (FSUTX) and

(FWRLX) - Get Fidelity Select Wireless Report

Wireless (FWRLX) and will continue managing

(FSTCX) - Get Fidelity Select Telecommunications Report

Select Telecommunications (FSTCX).

Manuel joined Fidelity as an analyst of home finance companies in 2006 and remains manager of

(FSVLX) - Get Fidelity Select Consumer Finance Report

Fidelity Select Home Finance (FSVLX).

Bahaa Fam began serving as sole manager of

(FLUAX) - Get Fidelity Adv Stk Sel Lg Cap Val A Report

Fidelity Advisor Large Cap Growth (FLUAX) and

(FGCAX) - Get Federated Shrt-Inter Tot Ret Bd A Report

Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap Growth (FGCAX) on Feb. 13.


At Prudential, David Green, who works for fund subadviser Hotchkis and Wiley, had a gratifying end of February. He replaced Joseph Huber in a co-manager position for the


TheStreet Recommends

Target Large Capitalization Value Fund (TALVX). Green was named co-manager of Prudential's


Target Growth Allocation (PHGAX),


Target Moderate Allocation (PAMGX),

(PCGAX) - Get PGIM Income Builder A Report

Target Conservative Allocation (PCGAX) and

(PLVAX) - Get PNC Multi-Factor Large Cap Value A Report

Strategic Partners Large Cap Value (PLVAX).

Jennison Associates, a wholly owned subsidiary of Prudential, tapped Shawn Hong and Ubong Edemeka as co-managers of

(SPQAX) - Get PGIM Jennison Equity Income A Report

Jennison Equity Income A (SPQAX). Hong, VP and portfolio manager at Jennison, joined the company in September 2000. Edemeka, also a vice president, came aboard in March 2002.


Vanguard added Lazard Asset Management to the

(VWNFX) - Get Vanguard Windsor-II Inv Report

Vanguard Windsor II fund (VWNFX) to manage a majority of the assets previously overseen by Equinox Capital Management and Tukman Capital Management.

Vanguard also added Jennison Associates to the advisory team of the


Vanguard Morgan Growth fund (VMRGX). Jennison will initially manage a relatively modest portion of the fund's assets and take a share of future cash flows. Kathleen A. McCarragher acts as portfolio manager.

Legg Mason

Jay Leopold started as manager of the


Legg Mason Partners All Cap A fund (SPAAX). Leopold's tenure at Legg Mason dates back 20 years. He had served as co-manager of Legg Mason Capital Management's All Cap fund since 2002 and became sole manager in 2005. Prior to that, he was assistant portfolio manager of the firm's


American Leading Companies mutual fund (LMALX).

Legg Mason also appointed Aram E. Green and Jeffrey J. Russell as co-managers of the

(SASMX) - Get ClearBridge Small Cap Growth A Report

Legg Mason Partners Small Cap Growth fund (SASMX) in February.

Trussco Capital Management

STI Classic Funds, managed by

Trussco Capital Management

, added managers to seven funds on Feb. 7. Brian Nold, co-manager of the

(SAHIX) - Get Virtus Seix High Income A Report

High Income (SAHIX), became co-manager of

(SAINX) - Get Virtus Seix Corporate Bond A Report

Strategic Income (SAINX). Perry Troisi assumed sole management of


U.S. Government Securities (SCUSX) and


Limited Duration (SAMLX).

Adrien Webb, also a Trussco managing director since May 2004, became a co-manager of the


Intermediate Bond fund (IBASX),

(STIGX) - Get Virtus Seix Core Bond I Report

Investment Grade fund (STIGX) and

(CBPSX) - Get Virtus Seix Total Return Bond A Report

Total Return Bond fund (CBPSX).

Other Moves

Jason Brady became manager of Thornburg's

(THIFX) - Get Thornburg Ltd Term Income Fd A Report

Limited-Term Income fund (THIFX) and

(LTURX) - Get Thornburg Ltd Term US Govt Fd R3 Report

Limited-Term U.S. Government fund (LTURX), as well as co-manager of its

(TIBAX) - Get Thornburg Investment Inc Builder A Report

Investment Income Builder fund (TIBAX). Brady, who joined Thornburg in October 2006, succeeded Steve Bohlin. He previously served as a portfolio manager with Fortis Investments and is known for his skills in the credit markets.

Morgan Stanley tapped Mark A. Bavoso to manage its

(NREAX) - Get Neuberger Berman Real Estate Fd A Report

Natural Resources Development fund (NREAX).


(SPRAX) - Get PGIM QMA Mid-Cap Value A Report

Dryden Mid-Cap Value fund (SPRAX) added three co-managers in late January: Margaret Stumpp, John Leib and Deborah Woods.

Sean P. Fitzgibbon, a portfolio manager at


since December 2004, was named primary portfolio manager of

(MILCX) - Get BNY Mellon Large Cap Stock Fd Inv Report

Mellon Large Cap Stock fund (MIISX) in February. Mellon also named Brian C. Ferguson as primary manager of its

(MIISX) - Get BNY Mellon Income Stock Fund Inv Report

Income Stock fund (MIISX). Ferguson has been a portfolio manager at Dreyfus since October 2002.

Patrick Shum was appointed co-manager of

(AACFX) - Get Invesco Greater China A Report

AIM China fund (AACFX). Shum has been chief investment officer of INVESCO Hong Kong Limited since September 2006