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Are you dreaming of retiring to a quaint town on a lake or beach? Maybe a historic, walkable college town or a charming village nestled in the mountains?

Of course, there are so many pretty towns in the U.S., and narrowing it down to a list might be an impossible task. We culled through John F. Brady's, which offers a database of more than 1,000 retirement communities, to find the ones he and his readers suggest.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so some methodology has been applied. TopRetirements considers towns with the most obvious characteristics that make a town particularly attractive. These include: a town square or green, pleasing architecture, interesting streets, plenty of parks and the appeal of a college campus or a beautiful natural setting.

Most of these are towns that have a reputation and the resources to be reasonable places to retire from a housing and services viewpoint. However, while many of them are affordable, budget was not a factor here, so some of these places can be expensive. But dreaming is free, and maybe if you boost your 401(k) contributions...

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Based on the lists at, here are some of the prettiest towns in America to retire.

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