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For cost-conscious families heading to an amusement park this summer, the amount of fun can plummet faster than the Thunder Mountain coaster when you don't budget for all the park's expenses. Want to ride Dudley Do-Right's Rip Saw Falls at the Universal Orlando Resort? Well, be prepared to pay extra to rent a storage locker.

The $3, or more, locker rental fee is just one way you can be taken for a ride, according to Walletpop. Because more parks want to pad their bottom line, it pays off to be prepared for hidden costs at popular destinations, including Disney, Six Flags and Universal (Stock Quotes: DIS, SIX, UVV).

The ways parks add to your attendance fees include paying extra for a Flash Pass (as they call it at Six Flags) to save you time waiting in line (be sure to understand the pass rules first), all-day meal passes (not often the best deal) and parking.

One of the best hot tips? Bring your own camera to record your biggest thrills, so there will be no need to purchase the park’s DVD of that fun coaster ride you just took. (According to Walletpop, Busch Gardens charges $25 for a DVD of your experience that is filled with stock footage to pad out the captured moments during your ride time.) For more ways to trim your park costs check out Walletpop.

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