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The Quirkiest New Year's Eve Celebrations

You can create some new memories with these unusual celebrations.
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New Year’s Eve is a good opportunity to try some new adventures. Some towns celebrate doing oddball things and won’t just light some fireworks at the stroke of midnight.

Some of these activities are weird, while others are memorable. These celebrations reflect the town or city’s personality.

Here are the top 7 places that you will never forget and may even want to head back to for a future New Year’s Eve festivity.

The Quirkiest New Year's Eve Celebrations

1. Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City is located in the Panhandle of Florida and boasts of two countdowns.

Starting at 8 p.m., the city drops 10,000 inflatable beach balls at Panama City Beach's Pier Park. A firework show follows the drop, which is a fun event if you have children.

At midnight, the countdown includes the drop of an 800-pound LED-lit beach ball. Another fireworks show occurs. being lowered for the countdown to the new year, followed by more fireworks.

2. Tybee Island, Georgia

Located near Savannah, Tybee Island rings in the new year with a quick dip in the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll have to wait until noon on New Year’s Day to jump into the ocean with thousands of other people. 2020 marks the 20th year of this tradition!

3. Hagerstown, Maryland

Not every town celebrates by dropping a ball like New York. In Hagerstown, Maryland, the city celebrates by dropping a doughnut replica at 7 p.m. that is 6-foot tall and 300 pounds at the Hagerstown clock tower. You can kick off the evening with free doughnuts and hot chocolate at Krumpe's Do-nuts.

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4. Mount Olive, North Carolina

Fans of pickles will love the festivities in Mount Olive, North Carolina.

The Mt. Olive Pickle Company has a three-foot glowing pickle that descends down a flagpole into a pickle tank at the company’s headquarters. This drop occurs at 7 p.m. E.T., which is also Greenwich Mean Time. You can also start the new year off by being generous and contributing to the canned food drive.

5. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Food is a common recurring theme on New Year’s Eve. In Lebanon, Pennsylvania, the residents love their bologna. The town is also home to the headquarters of Lebanon bologna where the 23rd drop will occur.

A bologna is raised along with a disco ball at 7 p.m. A Bologna ranger mascot will be present and the Salvation Army will provide hot drinks. The bologna will be dropped at midnight and donated to a shelter.

6. Plymouth, Wisconsin

In Plymouth, Wisconsin, a large piece of cheese is dropped at midnight. The cheese is 80 pounds and constructed out of metal. It has to be lowered from a 100-foot truck ladder. The wine and cheese party includes a toast at midnight.

The region used to be the home of the National Cheese Exchange where cheese prices were established until 1955.

7. Mobile, Alabama

Located on the Gulf Coast, Mobile, Alabama celebrates the new year with MoonPies. These Southern snacks are made of three major ingredients - marshmallow and graham cracker that is covered in chocolate.

The electric version is 600 pounds, but an edible version is also available along with a parade.

Festivities start with the cutting of the world's largest edible MoonPie and a second-line parade, followed by musical performances before the 600-pound electric MoonPie drops.