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LOS ANGELES -- Have you ever wanted to take a quick shot of an image in a book or magazine that you are reading in order to show it to someone at work but did not have the time to scan or make a copy of it? The POV Web Camera enables you to shoot from your POV, or point of view, to share with someone online what you are seeing at the time.

Next up, Gadget Grrl says the portable Skype SpeakerPhone has some great features that make this a good carry-on. It's compact (5.94" x 1.65") and weighs just 0.7 of a pound. It is also PC and MAC compatible.

First, more on the POV Web Cam.

This is a USB Web cam that comes with a stand, but you can remove it from the stand and point the camera wherever you want to capture an image or video.

What I really liked about this camera is the close-up mode. This Web cam can focus down to 1.5 inches away from the subject matter, making this ideal for manufacturers trying to convey the latest improvements on their product. Even eBay (Stock Quote: EBAY) (EBAY) - Get Free Report sellers could use this as a tool to "make the sale."

The fact that the camera is not stuck to your desktop screen and can be easily manipulated to grab whatever you happen to want someone to see makes this a great tool for any working executive.

It also comes loaded with POV software, but beware because with one click of the "send" button, you can send an image to all of your contacts. Sometimes those office-party shots aren't the kind of thing you want circulating after the fact.

Also from IPEVO, the Portable Skype SpeakerPhone is PC and MAC compatible and sits upright on your desk, enabling you to easily speak via Skype.

As an extra bonus, there is a built-in voice recorder (saves them as a WAV file) so you can record phone conversations for your sales team or record "notes to self." It comes with recording software.

It can also be switched to USB handheld mode, if you need privacy.

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