If you like craft beer, and haven't been to a self-serve taproom, you've been missing out. These increasingly popular bars offer a wall of dozens of beers on tap that you can pour yourself, paying with a wristband or card that uses RFID technology to run your tab.

Beer lovers can pour by the ounce, allowing them to taste a variety of brews, or pour the size and microbrew of their preference. Each tap has a screen that displays information such as beverage name, type, brewer, description, ABV, IBU, and price per ounce.

iPourIt, a dispenser of this self-serve technology, operates over 61% of the taps in North America, which translates to more than 4,200 taps in roughly 170 locations. Between September 2017 and September 2018, beer lovers tapped over 45.5 million ounces of beer using the self-serve taps, according to iPourIt.

Thanks to the technology, iPourIt keeps track of which beers people are drinking the most from their taps. Based on their most recent report, these are the most popular microbrews and craft beers in the U.S.