Where to live when you retire is a big deal -- it can have an impact on your finances, your health, your social life and your overall well-being.

Thirty-one percent of retirees would choose a different place to retire if they could do it over again, according to a survey by Age Friendly Advisor, an online community with crowd-sourced user reviews on how and where to age.

In the survey, of the list of factors that influenced a decision of where to retire, the top three were family (65%), general livability (36%) and desired weather conditions (32%).

This list of best places to retire showcases the towns and cities that enable older Americans to most easily stay in their community, using Age Friendly Advisor's user reviews and ratings data, along with third party data on cost of living, transportation, and other data from the Milken Institute.

The communities were scored and ranked based on these factors:

  • community engagement, (including cultural opportunities, recreation, public services and religious institutions)
  • transportation availability and affordability
  • education (access to universities and further training)
  • working (opportunities for working and volunteering)
  • healthcare
  • general livability (such as housing and cost of living.)

From among tens of thousands of reviews, Silver Spring, Md. topped the list. See the full list of Age Friendly Advisor's Best Places to Retire here.

"We sought to build an innovative, technology-driven platform that would allow users to provide their feedback directly, and in real time," said Tim Driver, the founder and CEO of the site's parent company, Age Friendly Ventures. "The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we congratulate Silver Spring and the state of Maryland for their collective approach to solving the challenges facing older Americans. This survey will get even more refined as we gather more reviews, not unlike the way review sites like TripAdvisor have evolved over time."

These are the top 25 most age-friendly cities to retire: